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Making Color Adjustments

Adjusting the hue range

To enrich your color scheme with nuances, you can adjust the hue range. Color Wheel Pro allows you to vary the hue range of each color in the scheme separately. To adjust the hue range, drag the white handles located at either side of the color sample on the color wheel:

Adjusting the Hue Range

Even when creating a simple color scheme such as analogous, you can use the hue range to get multiple variations of the same scheme.

Note: Color Wheel Pro does not allow you to adjust hue ranges in monochromatic and complementary color schemes, because these schemes do not use hue variations.

Adjusting the saturation range

You can adjust the saturation range of one or more colors in the scheme by setting low and high saturation values. By adjusting the high saturation value, you can exclude highly saturated colors from your scheme, and vice versa, by changing the low value, you can exclude unsaturated colors.

To adjust the saturation range of a particular color, drag the white triangles:

Adjusting the Saturation Range

To set the high value of the saturation range, drag the right triangle to the left. To set the low value of the range, drag the left triangle to the right. You can drag the center part of the slider to move the entire range.

Saturation ranges allow you to add saturation contrast to your color design. You can put saturated warm colors against desaturated cool ones to suggest areas of interest and highlight the most important elements of your design.

For example, to create a complementary scheme that puts grayed blues against bright orange, you can limit the saturation for the blue color, as shown in these pictures:

Before adjusting the saturation range:

After adjusting:
Color Scheme 1 Color Scheme 2

By default, Color Wheel Pro uses the full saturation range for each color in the scheme (that is, the palette includes all colors from neutral gray to the pure hue).

Adjusting lightness

To adjust the lightness of a corresponding color, enter a value or drag the slider to the right to increase lightness, or to the left to decrease it. Values can range from -1 to +1.

Adjusting lightness

You can make your design more expressive by juxtaposing light and dark colors. Color Wheel Pro allows you to adjust the lightness of each color in a scheme separately. Let's make the cyan-green color darker to put an emphasis on the red color:

Before adjusting lightness:

After adjusting:
Color scheme 3 Color scheme 4

Note: Adjusting lightness does not affect the palette. It affects only the preview image.

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