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Using Color Picker

Instead of playing with the color wheel, lightness slider and saturation, you can use the Color Picker to specify colors directly. When you change hex or RBG color values or select a color from the color field, the color wheel is rotated automatically and the preview image is updated in real time. The color selected with the Color Picker is not a color of a specific object in the preview image; it affects the whole color scheme.

Color Picker

The color slider (hue)
Represents the spectrum to select colors from. When you change the hue, the corresponding slider on the color wheel is rotated to reflect the change. This may also affect other color wheel sliders, which is done to preserve the color scheme.

The color field (lightness and saturation)
Lets you select the desired tone of the color chosen with the color slider. When you pick a color in the color field, the Lightness and Saturation settings for the corresponding color are adjusted automatically.

The color swatches
Let you switch between colors in the color scheme.

R, G, B
Let you enter RGB values of the color. The component values can range from 0 to 255.

HTML color code
Lets you enter the hex value in HTML format to specify a color.

Closes the Color Picker.

Color Picker Notes

When selecting colors, you are restricted by the color scheme. Let's say, you are assigning colors to the complementary color scheme on the visual color wheel. If you enter #FF0000 (pure red) for the first color in the scheme, you cannot enter #0000FF (pure blue) for the second one because the complementary color for red is cyan; the color wheel sliders will be rotated automatically to reflect this. If you do not wish to stick to a classic color scheme, try Freeform schemes: they let you manipulate colors without any restrictions.

It's possible that the preview image will not contain the exact color you specified because the preview images were designed to give you an idea of how your colors will look in real artwork, and they are not meant to be used to select colors. To pick colors, use the palette (Preview > Palette).

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