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Creating Preview Images – Overview

How can I create my own preview images?

Color Wheel Pro preview images are made with Flash. The Flash files must contain separate objects so Color Wheel Pro can assign different colors to them. For example, the Yokozuna logo in the Logos preview image is composed of four separate objects: a bottom stroke, a dot, a top stroke, and a line of text. Color Wheel Pro recognizes these objects and colorizes each of them separately:

Example: Yokozuna logo

To create a preview image:

  1. Create an artwork in Flash – see the instructions.
  2. Copy the .swf file to the Previews folder in the Color Wheel Pro installation directory.
  3. Use the Preview Editor to associate the objects in the .swf file with the sliders on the color wheel.

Can I use my GIF's and JPG's as preview images?

No. Bitmap pictures such as .gif or .jpg files do not contain separate objects, but a uniform mass of pixels. To apply a color scheme to an arbitrary bitmap, you would have to separate this 'pixel soup' into objects. Of course, Color Wheel Pro could let you separate the image manually (for example, with a Photoshop-like lasso selection tool), but this can be very time-consuming, and it's easier to simply tweak colors in Photoshop or other similar programs. This is why Color Wheel Pro can use only Flash movies as preview images.

Which versions of Flash can I use?

You can use Macromedia Flash MX or any higher version. Color Wheel Pro uses ActionScript commands that are not available in Macromedia Flash versions prior to Flash MX, so you cannot use Flash 3, 4 or 5.

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