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A software program to create color schemes and preview them on real-world examples.

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Using Preview

Previewing your color scheme

Color Wheel Pro allows you to preview different color schemes on real-world examples. You can choose from various preview images included with Color Wheel Pro, or view your color scheme as a palette, a color chart that contains all variations of hue, lightness, and saturation of each color in the scheme.

The preview is real-time: when you adjust the color scheme, the changes in the preview area are displayed immediately. If you have a slow computer, you can turn the real-time preview off. See Configuring Color Wheel Pro Options for more information.

Choosing a preview image

To switch between preview images, use the Preview As drop-down menu:

Preview As drop-down menu

Previewing the color scheme as a palette

To preview the scheme as a palette, choose Palette from the drop-down menu:


Note: The real-time preview for Triadic, Tetradic and Freeform color schemes is available only in the full version of the program. See How to Get the Full Version of Color Wheel Pro for more information.

Saving preview images as .jpg or .bmp files

To save the contents of the preview window as a .jpg or .bmp file:

1. Click the Save As button at the top of the Preview area.
2. In the Save As window, choose a filename, format, destination folder, and click OK.


Copying preview images to the clipboard

To copy a preview image to the clipboard, click the Copy button at the top of the Preview area. Then you can paste the image into your image editor.

Seeing the color values of pixels in the preview image

Color Wheel Pro lets you see the color values of any pixel in the preview area in RGB and HTML formats. To sample colors, click anywhere in the Preview area. If you drag the mouse, the color swatch and its hex and RGB values change with each new pixel the mouse crosses.

To copy the HTML color code or any of the RGB values, double-click the value and press Ctrl-C (or right-click the selected value and choose Copy).

Color picker

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