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A software program to create color schemes and preview them on real-world examples.

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Getting Started

Step 1: Choosing a color scheme

To choose a color scheme, use the Scheme drop-down menu located above the color wheel. To rotate the color scheme around the wheel, click and drag the color handles:

Choosing a Color Scheme

See Creating Color Schemes for more information.

Step 2: Previewing the color scheme

When you change the scheme or rotate it, you'll see the changes in the Preview area immediately. There are several preview images available.

To switch between preview images, use the Preview As drop-down menu:

Previewing the Color Scheme

To preview the scheme as a palette, choose Palette from the drop-down menu:


See Using Preview for more information.

Step 3: Adding variety to the color scheme

Your can enrich your color scheme with nuances by adding color variations in lightness, hue, and saturation. Color Wheel Pro allows you to adjust the hue range, saturation range, and lightness of each color separately.

You can vary the hue range of each color in the scheme by dragging the handles located at either side of the color sample on the color wheel.

To adjust the hue range, drag the white handles:

Hue Range

To adjust the saturation range, drag the Saturation sliders:

Saturation Range

To adjust color lightness, drag the Lightness pop-up slider:

Lightness Pop-up Slider

You can also adjust lightness by entering a value in the Lightness edit box.

See Making Color Adjustments for more information.

Step 4: Saving the color scheme using presets

You can save your color schemes using Presets. To save your current color scheme as a preset, click the Add button in the Presets area, then enter a preset name. When you need to revert back to this preset, select the preset in the list and click the Apply button, or simply double-click the preset.

Presets Area

See Using Presets for more information.

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