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Entering the Unlock Code

What is the unlock code?

The unlock code is required to convert your trial version of Color Wheel Pro into the full version. This code will be e-mailed to you after you purchase the full version of the program. It looks like a long random sequence of characters:

Unlock code

Do I need to type THIS on the keyboard?

Of course, no. You don't need to type it — the code is too long. Just follow the instructions below.

How to enter the unlock code?

  1. Open the e-mail containing the unlock code
  2. Select the ENTIRE code, including the begin/end lines
  3. Copy the code to the clipboard (press Ctrl+C, or use the Edit > Copy command)
  4. Run Color Wheel Pro
  5. Click Yes when asked to complete the registration automatically

If you are having problems entering the unlock code, please contact our support team:

I've lost my unlock code. How can I retrieve it?

We can send you a copy of your unlock code. Please see Recovering a Lost Unlock Code for more information.

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