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What's New in Color Wheel Pro 2.0

Palette Export

"...It would also be GREAT if I could save the "Palette preview" as a Photoshop Swatch (.aco) file. That way I don't have to spend time opening a bitmap in Photoshop and sampling to create a set of color swatches." Greg Crane

Color Wheel Pro now lets you save the Color Wheel Pro palette in ACO, ACT and GIF formats. For more information, see Exporting the Palette.

Palette Export

Color Picker

"...Many users like myself may be starting from a particular color, say a certain shade selected from a company logo. It would be great to set that color and then see what others colors would complement it when designing a website." Danny Richman

"...As a web designer, I must occasionally work with a customer's primary color provided by number. While adding this input option, maybe the ranges could also be input this way. It would be a nice touch." Russell Dickson

Version 2.0 now contains Color Picker that lets you specify colors by their hex and RGB values:

Color Picker

Presets for Each Color Scheme

"...Provide pre-made color schemes that can be loaded as presets. For example a set of "Conservative Financial" themes, some "Flashy Youth" themes, or maybe even culturally-resonant themes, like "Downtown Tokyo". You could even have a place on your website where people could trade sets?" Matthew Conlon

Color Wheel Pro now includes a set of presets for each color scheme. For examples, see Sample Color Schemes.

Aqua Sunny Energy Contrast Eggplant
Colr scheme: Aqua Colr scheme: Sunny Color scheme: Energy Color scheme: Contrast Color scheme: Eggplant

Preview Editor

"I love your software! I have been looking for something like this for many years. How do I create my own preview files? I have created a .swf in version 5. I then overwrote the "Website - Kids.swf" and it shows it in the preview but no color change. I'll bet it has something to do with the cwp file." Todd Wilbert

"...Is there a spec out for how to build a flash swf file such that I can put my own in for the real time feedback? I have some flash experience both at the user level and internal file format level. I'm sure you've been hit with this question already. Once again, fine job." Ted Frazier

Color Wheel Pro now lets you add your own Flash preview images. The Preview Editor will help you colorize them. For more information, see Creating Preview Images.

Preview Editor

Click here to download Color Wheel Pro 2.0:
color-wheel-pro.exe (1.96 MB)

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